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Estate Planning Legal Services

April Robertson and Charlie Tindall offer comprehensive planning advice to their clients who many times are facing not only difficult legal decisions but trying times in their personal lives.  Charlie and April provide assistance for those needing not only wills, but also legal advice related to tax planning, asset protection, estate and gift taxation, real estate, elder law, and succession planning.

Many times whether or not the assets you’ve accrued throughout a lifetime of hard work are passed on efficiently, or at all, to your loved ones, depends upon decisions grounded in the law.  April and Charlie have worked extensively with clients in establishing estate and succession plans which help to make generational transitions as easy as possible.

Call April or Charlie today if you or a family member need advice in any of these important areas.

What Can an Estate Planning Attorney Do For You?

When it comes time to think about the future, setting your family up for success is probably high on your priority list. Lake Tindall estate law attorneys are here to help you with that! Our probate attorneys in Greenville, MS and surrounding areas can provide the legal expertise and planning advice you need to plan for your loved ones’ futures. Our estate planning services include (but are not limited to):

  • Prepare a last will and testament (that is less likely to be contested)
  • Create a living will to include your end-of-life wishes
  • Trust administration (living and future)
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Appoint guardians for children 
  • Durable power of attorney (for financial decisions)
  • Medical durable power of attorney
  • Estate tax planning (with a focus on capitalizing estate tax savings)
  • Unexpected situation planning (such as a death of a beneficiary or a contested will)

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Estate Planning

There are a wide range of benefits to hiring a probate attorney, most of which revolve around saving on taxes and avoiding probate disputes. Our experienced estate planning lawyers will guide you through the entire estate planning process and help you understand the ins and outs of protecting your assets for your beneficiaries.

When you work with a qualified and experienced probate attorney, you will gain sound legal advice that is specific to your unique situation and needs. Local estate planning lawyers are well-versed in the laws and regulations in your state, so you can rest assured that every decision you make will be with sound guidance and will hold up to any scrutiny. By utilizing the services of a local probate law firm, you’ll be able to plan for the most savings on your assets and estate taxes, avoid court or probate disputes, and leave your beneficiaries with an easy, iron-clad plan for your passing. With an estate planning lawyer, you are able to create a sound structure for your future estate division and beneficiaries. You’ll also gain a qualified, legal resource for the present time where you can ask all your questions and who can take care of any updates you may need to make to your plan.

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When it comes time to plan for your future generations, contact our team at Lake Tindall! We are here to provide solid guidance in protecting your assets and ensuring your beneficiaries receive everything you’ve planned for them!