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Agricultural Law

Lake Tindall lawyers bring their unique life and legal experiences in the agricultural field to work with them every day.  From Heath Douglas, who farmed over 5,000 acres of row crops with his family, to April Robertson and Charlie Tindall, both of whom are active with family-oriented Mississippi Delta farms, Lake Tindall lawyers actually have day-to-day experience with Delta farming.

Whether you need help buying or selling land, finding ag financing, dealing with a chemical drift claim, or are dealing with tax or succession issues, there is a Lake Tindall lawyer who can help you. Just give Charlie Tindall, April  Robertson or Heath Douglas a call, or drop us an email, for a free consultation.

Agricultural Attorney Services Greenville, MS 

Each family farm or commercial agricultural company has unique legal needs. You may require a land lease, need to set up an LLC for your agribusiness, want to merge two farming ventures, have to form or dissolve partnerships, try to sell or buy a farm, need to resolve a boundary dispute, mitigate a chemical drift complaint, or have oversight on a family farm succession plan. Regardless of your need, having a professional and experienced ag attorney in Greenville, MS is a key component of success for any legal ag need. When those needs arise, contact Lake Tindall agricultural lawyers!

Our agricultural practice areas include:

  • Tax and Succession Issues
  • Farmland Sales and Purchases
  • Chemical Drift Claims
  • On Farm Accidents

How an Agricultural Lawyer Can Help You

The most important service that ag lawyers can provide you is specific agricultural law experience and local expertise. Local ag laws and regulations vary from county to county and state to state, making it necessary to have a local, experienced attorney. A qualified local community ag lawyer can assist you with ag litigation, agricultural real estate transactions, and even agricultural probate and tax support

Many farmers, whether it’s a small family-run farm or a large commercial agricultural company, need a contingency plan. After all, weather, crops, and livestock are incredibly variable and can greatly affect your livelihood. An ag lawyer who is worth their salt can help you account for every scenario and be there to help you avert an unexpected crisis. Proper planning for current and future potential mishaps can be the difference between a farm that survives and one that does not. The peace of mind that the Lake Tindall legal expertise provides will prove to be invaluable as your enterprise grows and expands.

Another important element that a good agricultural attorney has to offer is experience in communicating with the FSA (Farm Services Agency). This governing body oversees all aspects of the agricultural industry, including disaster assistance, available loans, farm programs, etc. Following the FSA rules and regulations are vital in successful agricultural operations anywhere in the United States, and having an attorney who is familiar with FSA expectations is a good way to set your commercial or personal farming endeavor up for success. 

Contact a Qualified Agricultural Law Firm in Greenville, MS Today!

For all your agricultural legal needs in Greenville, MS and beyond, contact Lake Tindall. We are experienced and more than qualified to address all your ag law needs. Our primary goal is to ensure that every aspect of your farming or agribusiness operation, no matter how big or small, is running smoothly and every legal aspect is accounted for. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation!