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Banking, Financial & Real Estate Law

Lake Tindall has lawyers with over sixty years of combined experience in business, banking, financial services and real estate law in the Mississippi Delta.  Lake Tindall lawyers represent multiple banks and lending institutions and major landowners of agricultural land, with an emphasis in the acquisition, management and financing of agricultural real estate.

Whether you or your business need assistance with financing, business formation, or even the acquisition, financing and management of recreational land and hunting clubs, there is a Lake Tindall lawyer who can offer experienced advice and legal services.  Call Charlie Tindall, April Robertson, or Heath Douglas today for a free initial consultation.

How Can Our Finance & Banking Lawyers Help You? 

For financial institutions, businesses, and individuals alike, using the services of an attorney specializing in finance and banking is hugely beneficial. Securing loans, compliance with banking regulations and laws, reviewing contracts, and handling finance disputes are complex legal arenas to navigate. By hiring a finance and banking lawyer, you can rest easy knowing that each of these elements is handled by a knowledgeable professional. 

Financial Institution Legal Services

Many of our clients are banks, lending institutions, and other financial institutions, ranging from large corporate financial institutions to local and regional banks and lenders. To these clients, we provide comprehensive banking and financial services such as advising on regulation and law compliance, contract drafting and review, operation oversight, and transactions. We specialize in commercial and real estate lending and acquisition, as well as corporate financing. Additionally, our team of finance attorneys has considerable expertise in trial litigation for financial institutions.

Business Legal Financial Services

We also offer our financial services for corporations and small businesses across Mississippi. Our business financial law attorneys have extensive expertise in preparing financial contracts, assisting with the lending and commercial property mortgage process, land acquisition, business mergers and acquisitions, loan and lease portfolio sales/purchases, financing for construction or business projects, and much more! Should the need arise for a financial dispute litigator, our team can handle all aspects of your trial, from initial consultation to verdict.

Personal Legal Financial Services

For individuals, we offer a range of personal finance legal services. We can help you secure loans, draft and review financial contracts, assist with real estate transactions, and litigate financial disputes. Our personal finance attorneys can help guide you through the process of securing financing, mortgages, or bank loans, ensuring that any complex financial contracts are correct, clear, and accurate. Should you require the services of a banking law attorney for litigation, our experienced team is there to represent you in financial legal disputes.

Who Needs a Financial & Banking Attorney?

For complex business, real estate, and personal financial transactions and processes, having an experienced finance and banking lawyer by your side is imperative. Lake Tindall attorneys are well-versed in overseeing financial law for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Banks: corporate, regional, community
  • Lending institutions
  • Agribusinesses
  • Commercial real estate 
  • Personal real estate
  • Commercial agriculture
  • Hunting clubs
  • Land management companies
  • Small businesses
  • Individuals
  • And more!

If you require the assistance of a real estate, finance, or banking attorney in Greenville, MS or surrounding area, call Lake Tindall today!