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Admiralty & Marine Law

If you were injured onboard a vessel, barge, or on or even in the vicinity of any type of floating structure, call:

  • Heath Douglas
  • Frank Thackston

Lake Tindall has a cumulative experience of over 100 years in the marine law business, both brown and blue water.  From Jones Act and Longshoreman lawsuits, to bridge and dam allisions, to preparing charters, you can rest assured that there is a Lake Tindall lawyer with extensive experience for all of your marine law needs.

Persons who’ve been injured on boats, whether as a deckhand, pilot, engineer, or even a cook, need lawyers with experience handling Jones Act and Longshore injury cases.  Heath Douglas and Frank Thackston have nearly sixty combined years of experience handling Jones Act and Longshore cases for clients injured on both the inland rivers of the United States and on “blue water” ocean rigs.

While the Jones Act, protecting workers injured while working in service of a vessel of any kind, even if the injury did not occur “on the water”, and Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act provide excellent remedies for the injured, clients need aggressive, marine lawyers to be their advocate.  Heath Douglas and Frank Thackston specialize in Jones Act and Longshore claims, having attained massive verdicts and settlements for their clients in the state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Recent settlements and verdicts within the past five years attained by Lake Tindall’s marine lawyers for Jones Act seamen include:

     1. $1,725,000

     2. $990,000

     3. $900,000

     4. $775,000

     5. $650,000

     6. $175,000