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Most dangerous places to drive in Mississippi

On Behalf of Lake Tindall, LLP | December 9, 2022 | Car Accidents

Whether you’re on a Mississippi road trip or you’re just trying to make it through your daily commute, it helps to be aware of the roads most known for accidents. Sometimes, it’s just best to stay off those roads altogether – but that’s not always possible.

The most dangerous roads and intersections in Mississippi

  • Interstate 70
  • Interstate 55
  • Interstate 20
  • Interstate 59
  • U.S. Highway 61

The specific intersections most notorious for motor vehicle accidents include:

  • State Highway 98 and Westover Drive in Hattiesburg
  • State Highway 51 and Goodman Road in Horn Lakes
  • Airways Boulevard and Goodman Road in Horn Lakes
  • State Highway 49 and Creosote Road in Gulfport
  • State Highway 49 and Community Road in Gulfport

Is there another route you can take?

It’s best to find alternative routes when you can. Even though it might take more time to get there, the most important thing is that you feel safe while you’re traveling.

But there are instances in which it’s impossible to find any other way to get from A to B. If you do have to take these infamous roads, make sure you’re feeling alert and at your best. You should be prepared to drive defensively and proactively avoid the risk of an accident.

Know when the roads are most dangerous

The time of day and weather conditions are also key factors and make a big difference as to how hazardous these roadways tend to be. You should consider if it’s worth the risk to take these routes at all or if there are any alternatives available.

Whenever driving on these dangerous roads, it’s best to make your plans in advance. That way, you’ll know which roads will be involved in the trip and at what point in the journey.

It helps to do some online research to find out when the roads are at their quietest. Usually, late evening and early morning are your best bets to have the roads to yourself – or as close to it as possible.