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Beware of distracted drivers

On Behalf of Lake Tindall, LLP | November 4, 2022 | Car Accidents

Distracted drivers may present significant dangers on Mississippi roads. People who do not pay attention to traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists could cause an otherwise avoidable collision. Looking for the common signs of a distracted driver might be a way for some to avoid becoming car accident victims.

Typical behaviors of distracted drivers

When someone slams on the brakes without warning, the driver may be snapping out of a distracted mental state. Other drivers or people crossing the streets won’t likely want to rely on a distracted driver’s return to alertness to avoid getting hurt. Upon seeing a driver eating or drinking behind the wheel, those near that driver could benefit from becoming cautious. Drivers engaged in anything other than paying attention to the road might be dangerous.

Eating, drinking and combing one’s hair aren’t the only activities a distracted driver may perform. Even the common act of talking to a passenger or carrying on a hands-free phone call may all be distractions.

Hands-free conversations come with risks, and the dangers may increase dramatically when a driver holds a phone and speaks or texts while operating the vehicle. If a driver’s physical posture indicates attention to something other than driving, the driver might be dangerously distracted.

Distractions and legal jeopardies

Motor vehicle accidents in Mississippi could lead to fatalities, which is a serious reason drivers should avoid distracting behaviors. Yet, many drivers take unnecessary risks by not paying attention to the road. The driver could face a civil lawsuit if a distracted driver causes a crash.

Although someone may drive defensively and hope to avoid a distracted driver, accidents might still happen. Victims could seek compensation through a lawsuit if an insurance settlement prove to be insufficient.